In a country where 81% of the population relies on agriculture,  around 83 %  of them have limited or no access to crop protection inputs (CPI) which has direct effect on productivity. The farmers who do use CPIs have inadequate knowledge of its proper use which results in overuse of CPIs leading to health hazards.

The crop protection inputs sector, therefore, has a huge market potential to increase the productivity of smallholder farmers and improve their livelihoods.  However, the CPI importers have networks only in commercial and peri-urban areas, making it inaccessible for farmers of remote hilly areas. This has resulted in the absence of Crop Protection Inputs in remote areas which has forced farmers of these areas to survive on subsistence farming.

Samarth-NMDP aims to improve the accessibility of high quality crop protection inputs to smallholder farmers by improving the marketing and promotion systems of CPIs  throughout Nepal.  Simultaneously, Samarth is also working on enhancing the capacity of Agro-vets through trainings to spread awareness of the importance and proper use of CPIs to the smallholder farmers.


  • Better Marketing and Promotion of CPI
  • Enhance Capacity of Agro-vets and/or JTA
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November 29, 2016

Post disaster, deaths and injuries as well as damages to buildings and service delivery stations, greatly affected agriculture service delivery. As per the National Planning Commission report, the post disaster recovery needs for the period covering 2015-16 in agriculture inputs alone is estimated to be NRs 2,755 million.

April 21, 2016

Smallholder farmers have very limited knowledge on crop diseases, pest problems, and its treatment. These farmers either rely heavily on products offered by retailers or do not apply any treatment at all. In most instances, it results in up to 30% loss in overall crop yield. The limited information they get on disease infestation on crops and its treatment is provided by agro-vets and plant protection officers (PPOs).

April 21, 2016

The aim of Samarth’s Crop Protection Inputs (CPI) sector is to ensure that smallholder farmers have affordable access to information on crop protection inputs and are able to make informed decisions on their purchase and use, in order to enhance their productivity.

February 20, 2013

An operational guide on M4P-implementation intended to provide an accessible operational resource to help practitioners put the M4P-approach into practice.