Feed plays an important role in improving productivity in livestock sector. However, in most livestock sectors in Nepal, access to proper feed is a major constraint for its development. The feed market in Nepal is mostly concentrated in poultry which covers over 95% of the total domestic feed market.

Pig and fish sectors are the two most neglected livestock sectors in Nepal: Fish feeding is irregular and limited to food by-products resulting in high mortality and low productivity. There is evidence that proper feed can increase productivity of pond by 50%; Pigs are perceived as animals living on waste and are mostly fed with household wastes or by-products from breweries or flour mills in smallholder segments.

In order to address these constraints, Samarth-NMDP is facilitating market access to better feed to smallholder farmers in pig and fish sectors, by partnering with feed manufacturers to improve the supply and distribution of improved feed; provide appropriate feed and nutrition information to smallholders; and build high demand and supply  of feed through informative promotions.


  • Supply and Distribution of Better Feed
  • Supplement Feed for Pigs
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