Promoting fresh semen AI to raise the profit of small pig farmers

Samarth-NMDP had conducted the first ever frozen semen artificial insemination training for grandparent seed stock (GPS) farms that maintain pure breed of pigs on June, 2014 by importing exotic and superior breeds like Berkshire, Duroc, Large Black and Hampshire from Swine Genetic International, USA. The aim was to address the problem of excessive in-breeding, leading to low quality pigs throughout Nepal. Five GPS farms - government and private - have already started frozen semen AI.

Initiating public-private dialogue in the pig sector

Samarth-NMDP has set out to lay the foundations for improving the enabling environment, for inclusive growth in the pig sector. A critical first step in this initiative was to bring together – for the first ever time in Nepal – public and private actors engaged in the industry, to identify challenges and issues facing pork production and marketing, with a long-term view to have the industry themselves drive the identification of critical policy issues required to unlock growth.


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