Crop Protection Inputs

In a country where 81% of the population relies on agriculture,  around 83 %  of them have limited or no access to crop protection inputs (CPI) which has direct effect on productivity. The farmers who do use CPIs have inadequate knowledge of its proper use which results in overuse of CPIs leading to health hazards.


Tourism is a vital component of the economy of Nepal. With its iconic attractions, strategic location and good connectivity; Nepal is ideal for a characteristic short-holiday from regional markets. In addition, adventure tourism (including trekking) is growing rapidly, across both traditional and new source markets, creating good income generating opportunities for the poor in rural Nepal.


Ginger is indigenous to the Indo-China region, with Nepal being one of the most suitable countries for its production. An estimated 200,000 farmers produce 250,000 t/y of which the poor produce 30%. Ginger is mainly cultivated in the mid-hills, where many of the socially excluded groups reside, including Janajatis and Dalits.

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