Following the Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach, Samarth-NMDP seeks to improve the performance of rural sectors, leading to opportunities for better access and improved growth for poor and disadvantaged people.

  • Address causes rather than symptoms
  • Improve market systems
  • Work as a facilitator
  • Emphasise on sustainability
  • Emphasise on large-scale impact

How we Work

Step 01

Select the sector

Step 02

Define target group

Poor farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs with less than $2.50/day. Poor in different sectors are defined differently.

Step 03

Clarify objectives

Raise the incomes of smallholder farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs by £ 80 per year.

Step 04

What change need to happen?

Step 05

How can change happen?

Step 06

Who do we work with?

Step 07

How do we influence market palyers?

Our ‘offer’ that will encourage partners to change:

  • Provide information on market potential
  • Help stimulate demand 
  • Build capacity of partner (training)
  • Broker relationship between actors
  • Buy-down risk (cost-share a trial)
Step 08

How do we implement?

Analyse and select small number of partners, pilot the change to see if its win-win or partners/ intermediaries and poor farmers)

Implementation in action in Nepal (eg. ginger sector)

Step 09

How do we measure impact?

  • Develop ‘results chain’  for each intervention within each sub-sector
  • Define indicators to measure change
  • Verify each change has taken place
  • Attribute change to the intervention
Step 10

How do we reach scale?

Pilot > evaluate > scale up to reach more beneficiaries