Dairy farming is the dominant activity of the crop-livestock integrated farming practice among smallholder farmers in Nepal, with 80% of farm households rearing dairy animals (cows and buffaloes).  In addition, the sector is the largest contributor of the livestock sector to Nepal’s agricultural GDP.

However, its growth rate is patchy compared to cash crops and industrial crops in the country. Poor status of the use of productivity enhancing products and services (e.g. breeding, veterinary and feeding) and lack of functioning market constrain productivity and growth.  Furthermore, the high degree of informality means that public and private sector investment is a challenge.

Samarth-NMDP aims to address the issue of low-input-low-output economy to which smallholder dairy farmers are trapped in. The project is actively working with different players in the market to strengthen the supply chain of milk by embedding different productivity enhancing services like forage input supply and animal health services; improving management information systems and quality management; and increasing the diversity of dairy products produced and marketed.

Current Interventions

1. Organize Raw Milk Supply Chain

2. Improve Access to Forage Inputs

3. Improve Production and Marketing of Dairy Products

4. Management Informaion Systems Development

Related Resources

November 07, 2017

During Programme Year Five, from April 2016 to end March 2017, Samarth-NMDP has solidified its interventions and has been able to record some impressive results at all levels of the log frame. At the impact level, the programme has made significant progress since year 4, reporting a total of 183,463 beneficiaries to date, nearly doubling the programme results to date. One-fourth of the results reported to date come from the Crop Protection Inputs sector, and Pigs, Vegetables, and Fish sectors have all reached between 20-30,000 beneficiaries each.

November 07, 2017

A brief overview of Samarth's dairy sector as a whole, as at 2018.

July 26, 2017

Better feeding practices with the use of adequate nutritious green forage for dairy animals have been recommended by experts as a solution to the poor productivity of the dairy farming businesses in Nepal. 

As part of Dairy project’s “Increase Access to Forage Inputs” intervention, Samarth-NMDP has been working with Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) - Pasture and Fodder Division (PFD) to address legal and technical barriers for commercialization and promotion of forage based dairy production

March 08, 2017

An insight into the work Samarth-NMDP has done to improve productivity and marketing of the dairy sector through the diversification of milk products and creation of consumer-market linkages.

November 03, 2016

Impacts of poor quality of raw milk are reflected in short shelf-life of processed products, limited range of finished dairy products in the market, reduced opportunity to supply milk in export markets, and additional costs incurred in food preparation which is borne by the processors and the consumers. In order to address the above-mentioned constraints, Samarth-NMDP is building the capacity of the stakeholders to improve the quality standards of raw milk through an action research on the raw milk supply chain in six pilot sites.